Name: Arii
Nickname (Alias): None.
Age (Birthdate): 24 (Nov 1)
Gender: Male (♂)
Race (Species): Ovine (Black Butterfly Sheep)
Class/Occupation: Human-animal hybrid; quasi-anthro.

Height (Weight): 5'4" (100lbs)
Build: Short, slender. Lacks definitive muscle tone.
Hair: Black; long, waist-length. Often kept tied back.
   ~ Bangs: Short, with longer strands framing face.
Skin: Light grey (DBDBDB).
Eyes: Medium Blue (3FD4FF).
Markings: None.
Piercings: None.
   ~ Wool: On wrists and ankles; black.
   ~ Wings: Butterfly; black, blue, gold, white (actual design is up to the artist).
   ~ Physical: Though hand/fingers are human-like in structure and appearance, his feet are actual hooves. Both fingernails and hooves are gold in colour. He also has a small, black-wooled tail, antennae and gold-coloured ram horns.
   ~ Misc: His other form is that of a black-wooled sheep with gold hooves and horns, antennae and butterfly wings.

Clothing: Just about anything as long as it's modest.
Accessories: Hair clips and ribbons for the most part. Sometimes simple jewelery.

Background: A literal black sheep, the rest of his birth flock forced his parents to get rid of him, and so one night he was abandoned in the woods nearby. It was assumed that if the cold didn't kill him, then the wolves surely would - both parents and remainder of the flock moved on that very night.

As fate would have it, a pack of wolves did come across him, though his life was spared when the alpha female took him in and raised him as though he were one of her own, and soon the rest of the pack accepted him as one of their members as well.

   ~ Quiet; timid and shy.
   ~ Distrustful of others, save for those he considers family and friends.
   ~ Bit paranoid.
   ~ Faithful; loyal to those deemed worthy.
Likes: Clover, flowers, rain.
Dislikes: Being alone, total darkness.

   ~ Quixestic: Mate.
   ~ Sariot: Considered to be his younger brother.
   ~ Xithun: 'Younger brother'.

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ⁿ The bangs are incorrect.